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Birds and Birthdays!

November 30, 2012

Birthday-loving Birders! I’ve already mentioned that birthdays around here are getting birdier by the year. This time around, I received a stunning Hen Scarf (which I’d recommend for your nearest and dearest, but it sold out in a matter of weeks, alas), a bird necklace, a bird vase (yes! it’s great!), a bird calendar, and, of course, bird stationary. A few weekends ago, we celebrated my husband’s birthday, and I made sure that the wine selection boasted a bird on every bottle. I hope the Pelee Island Winery appreciates our business! They sure do make fine-looking wines (and if I were more of a connoisseur, it’s quite possible that I wouldn’t pick bottles based on the aesthetic appeal of their labels, but these days when I see a bird on a bottle I’m sold!) My husband didn’t protest my wine-purchasing strategy, but the saleswoman found my criteria more than a little perplexing. I found this label particularly fetching, and the wine didn’t disappoint either!  How can one go wrong with Indigo Buntings?

23_Shiraz Cabernet 2009But wine and Indigo Buntings aside, the piece-de-resistance birdy Birthday gift of the season was a stained glass Owl, handmade and designed by my nearly-93-year-old grandmother! Have a look at her masterpiece, made on the occasion of my birthday. Thank you, Babushka! I only hope that I have a fraction of your energy, creativity and love of life when I reach my 90s!


Not sure of the Latin binomial for this particular owl-species, but I welcome suggestions!

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