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April 1, 2010

This post isn’t about my good friend Robin who has a fabulous crime novel coming out in September which you should all read. But do read it all the same.

No, it’s about the fact that I can now (more or less) identify robins! My neighbourhood feels different now that I know the name of the bird I see every day, over and over again. Wow. The simple thing the act of naming can accomplish!

Of course right after proudly identifying a robin to my husband last night, we came across an enormously fat racoon perched on somebody’s fence. The hunched racoon had a smug expression. And the worst part is, I know exactly what he was thinking: no matter how tightly you close your organic waste container, I can still somehow squeeze in there and make the biggest mess you’ve ever seen! Ah, the joys of urban Canadian living. I truly loathe racoons.

It’s Passover! Apart from learning to identify a robin, I also mastered the Apple-Matzoh Kugel. It was so delicious we almost forgot we were eating matzoh! Frankly, it’s the best kind of recipe: fast, easy, tasty, foolproof. But, like all my cooking, it’s another dish that tastes infinitely better than it looks.

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  1. April 2, 2010 6:41 pm

    Still battling with the racoons, I see. They’re really, really, really giant rats with fluffy tails aren’t they? I prefer the robins, though they’re always trying to build nests under our covered porch, then spend the next six weeks sqwuaking and screeching at us whenever we open the door to go outside.

  2. April 5, 2010 12:34 pm

    Thanks for the links! The robin was (obviously) the first bird I learned to identify as a kid. The second was the sparrow: my sister felt left out, so my mom told her that sparrows were also called Erin-birds. She still thinks that.

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